How to Keep Your House Cleaner Between Visits by EH Clean

If asked, most people would say that they want a cleaner house. At EH Clean, we have a few strategies for keeping dirt out of the house that will make a big difference. Many will take only a few minutes, and most are very affordable as well.

Our mission at EH Clean is 100% customer satisfaction. We always treat all of our clients by being attentive to all of their needs. We are licensed, bonded, insured and have worker’s compensation for all our highly-skilled house cleaners.

So,  why not take a couple of these steps to keep your house a little cleaner a little longer? It will make it easier for us when we come to clean and you will be happy by living in a dirt-free environment.

Strategically Placed Doormats
You will see a major difference, especially during rainy or snowy seasons when you place out a few doormats. However, there are a few things to consider to maximize the benefits:

  • Outside –  Start with a thicker outdoor mat placed right before the entrance to your home. It will encourage visitors to wipe their feet even before they enter.
  • Indoor – While it seems a little redundant, place another mat right inside the entrance to your house. Choose one in a pattern that matches your decor, because patterns will camouflage dirt much better.
  • Material –  Buy mats or rugs made of durable acrylic with a rubber bottom, because cotton or woolen rugs will not stand up to the elements as well.
  • Size – The mats should measure at least one stride-length in total width. That way you will know that at least two steps worth of dirt will be coming from people’s shoes before they enter your home.

“Leave Your Shoes at the Door Please!”
Make your home a shoe-free zone for family, and guests, too. Create an organized, welcoming area where folks feel comfortable removing their shoes. Utilize shoe racks, benches, and hooks for coats in the winter as soon as you walk through the door. That way, there is less of a chance to track dirt, mud, or snow through the house.

Pet-Friendly Clean-Up
Nothing is more frustrating than when your dog comes in from being out in the rain or snow and shakes it off in the middle of your living room. Or, if he tracks muddy paws, or drops leaves in the house, that’s also a hassle. To avoid this, set up a zone outside, if possible, with a special pet brush and a towel (if you do not have a covered porch have an area set up right inside your door). Do a quick wipe of his paws and brush any debris from his fur. In about a minute or so, you could prevent a big mess inside the house.

Close the Door on Dirt
Sounds fairly obvious, but keeping your doors close is an effective way to keep dirt out of your house. Make it a habit of going through your house and make certain that all of your keeping doors, cabinets, and drawers closed. This is particularly the case when you are working on a project that might kick up dust. Simply keeping doors closed prevents dust from blowing through the house.

Sources: Good Housekeeping and Sunset Magazine



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