Green Cleaning Tips for April

Hiring a cleaning service line EH Clean is a great way to get your home clean this April, but when we're not here making your home look great, here are five ways to perform green cleaning this April.  

Clean Out Your Closet

First, you should start by cleaning out your closet. If you have shirts, pants, and other old clothes that you don’t want anymore, your first stop shouldn’t be the dumpster. Instead, you should recycle or donate the clothing. If you are feeling extra creative, you can host a clothing swap with your friends. You will get to give away old pieces of clothing that you aren’t enthusiastic about and also walk home with new pieces you’re excited about!

Remove Old Technology

Will you be also getting rid of old technology this April? Before you throw things in a garbage bag, you should check to see the right way to recycle your technology. There is a right way to recycle every tech product, and many office supply stores collect items at no cost to get rid of them properly. If you have a newer tech product you want to offload, you can try reselling it online or to a retailer like Amazon. 

Use Sponges

Do you reach for a roll of paper towels every time your kitchen gets messy? Switch your cleaning routine and use eco-friendly sponges and reusable cloths instead. They will stand up to tougher messes and save you money in the long run (in addition to cutting down on paper waste that harms the environment!). 

Use Multipurpose Cleaners

Multipurpose eco-friendly cleaners are a great way to tidy up your entire home. You can use a variety of commercial or DIY cleaners to tidy up everything from your countertops to your flooring. 

Recycle Your Cleaning Products

Just like you should recycle all of your other waste from your spring cleaning, you should also recycle the packaging from your cleaning products. Depending on the products that you chose, they will indicate the proper way to recycle them and the right way to clean the packaging before sticking it in the recycling bin. 

At European House Cleaning, also known as EH Clean, you know that you are going to get amazing results every time. As a local, woman-owned, residential and commercial cleaning company located in the San Francisco East Bay, we get rave reviews from people who have been working with us for decades. 

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