Keeping Your House Clean During Thanksgiving

Keeping your house clean is always a major challenge, especially if you have a big family with lots of relatives. When the Thanksgiving holidays come around, it is likely that your kids are home from school and the house is full of guests. 

Here are some helpful tips from all of us at EH Clean about how to keep your house clean during Thanksgiving. If you leave the cleaning until the last minute while you are cooking, setting up, and do everything else, you could find yourself anxious and overwhelmed. 

At EH Clean, we help many of our clients to get their homes clean for Turkey Day, but how do they keep it clean until we return after the holiday? With the following simple shortcuts, you can have a house that is clean and tidy, and a holiday to remember.

Start by de-cluttering every room: In the week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend, start the de-cluttering process. Delegate anything belonging to children or spouses to their respective rooms and get rid of any unnecessary items in public rooms. In the kitchen where you will be cooking, take the time to clear out the fridge and clean out your cabinets. Clear your countertops so you have plenty of workspace come the big day.

Check the bathrooms regularly: Before Thanksgiving, we can give your bathrooms a thorough cleaning and then you will hopefully make a point of maintaining them up to and through the holiday. Empty the trash and try to use a scrub brush on the toilets every other day at minimum. Wipe off any mirror smudges, and refresh towels, soap, and toilet paper as needed. Make it your goal to have your bathrooms guest-ready so you aren’t overwhelmed with cleaning at the last minute.

Clean while you're cooking: Nothing is more overwhelming to a Thanksgiving host or hostess than a sink full of dishes. Rather than let the mess pile up while you cook, why not do a little bit at a time? There are always wait times in cooking and baking, so use those moments to your advantage. Doing a couple dishes, giving the floors a quick sweep, and wiping down counters periodically will go far to keeping the kitchen mess well under control. 

Save the vacuuming until last: Freshly vacuumed carpets are the epitome of clean, so if you have little time, focusing on the carpets is a smart move. Running the vacuum in high traffic areas periodically throughout the weekend (even if it’s only for 10 minutes or so) will help you maintain the impression of a clean home all weekend long. If the house is starting to smell musty, throw in some carpet refresher. You can even find some in holiday scents to make your house that much more festive.

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At EH Clean, our motto is "We don't cut corners, we clean them!" By stressing a quality, tailor-made cleaning service for all of our clients who demand the best, we have been able to build a strong and thriving business. We are owner operated and during the past 20 years we have gained a vast amount of knowledge, understanding and experience within all aspects of cleaning and it shows in our work. 

Sources: Sunset Magazine and Good Housekeeping

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Written by Ed Attanasaio
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