Tips for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is on its way, so here is a list of safety tips for the scariest day of the year. When we were kids, the idea of people giving candy away was a wonderful idea, and it still is for our children today. The concept of free candy causes some children to rush around, so it is important that you tell your kids to slow down and be especially careful on Halloween Night.

Here is a brief list of things from all of us at EH Clean to think about on Halloween:

Be visible: Always wear light-colored clothing and costumes. Also, make sure your child has a suitably sized costume to prevent tripping on large costumes offering poor visibility.

Stay together: Always hold a small child’s hand whenever crossing the street or when in close proximity to the street/curb. Small children are impulsive and can easily dart in front of a moving vehicle.

Walk and don’t run: Tell your trick-or-treater that the candy will still be there, because rushing around is the #1 cause of accidents on Halloween.

Cross streets safely: Be certain to always cross at corners where you can be seen by drivers, and may have access to a crosswalk. Do not ever cross between parked cars or right in the middle of a block.

Make eye contact: Never assume that any driver can see you. Make sure to engage in eye contact with the driver prior to entering the street or crosswalk.

Keep your line of vision clear: Remove any masks or parts of your costume that may hinder your visual field before crossing the street.

Take a flashlight: Not only do they shed light on what you’re doing, but they also make you much more visible to drivers.

Enjoy a fun and safe Halloween from all of us at EH Clean! 



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