How to Prepare for Your Maid

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a nice tidy house that someone else has cleaned. Whether you’re hiring a home cleaning as a one-time treat, in preparation for a big event or as a regular helping hand, some preparation is in order to ensure the most cost-effective experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – make sure you and the cleaning service understand what’s expected and that these are things offered by the service you hire.  Check out the company’s website, email, or call if you aren’t sure if they provide certain services like outdoor cleanup, windows, laundry, or organizing.

Before the maid service arrives, straighten up and organize. It’s not defeating the purpose to have the laundry done and put away, to put books on shelves, toys in boxes and dirty plates in the dishwasher.  This ensures the maid can get right to cleaning – like scrubbing the toilets, doing the dusting, floors and baseboards — and not have to waste time picking up after you. Putting these items in their place, also helps ensure they’re not misplaced during cleaning.

This also goes for any important documents, bills and other papers, which, to the untrained eye could easily be mistaken for trash. It prevents problems to file them, secure them or leave a “do not disturb” note on them. It’s also important to secure loose cash, small electronics and jewelry and other valuables.

Most housecleaning companies vet their employees, but that doesn’t mean theft is impossible. You can protect your peace of mind by placing valuables in a locked room, a safe or in the trunk.

It’s also a good idea to Identify and repair any broken items around the house. Doing this can prevent the embarrassment of blaming the maid for damage he or she didn’t do.

Make a Plan. Identify problem areas that need special cleaning attention.  Decide what you want accomplished on that visit by the cleaning service. If you are preparing for a party, then you want special attention paid to bathrooms, dining room, living room and kitchen. If you’re going for a general cleaning, then the children’s rooms and play room may need more focus.

If there’s an area you’d like the maid to spend extra time on, it’s best to tell the service before your team arrives.

Also, keep kids and pets out from under the maids’ feet. Depending on your individual circumstances, you might consider taking the children to a friend, a sitter or relatives, and put the pets in a closed room or a crate before the cleaners arrive.

Also, make sure the cleaning team can get in. If you plan to be away during your home’s cleaning, or if you’re setting up service for the first time, make sure the cleaning company has access to your house. Most cleaning services offer a key service to customers signed up for regular cleanings, and it’s helpful to have a key on file for the team in case you’re not home. Make sure you pass along any gate or alarm codes or any other special instructions – like, the front door sticks, so lift the handle and jiggle to get it to open.

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