Let's Meet Alexa, Our Manager

She’s got a ton of experience and knows how to coordinate the efforts at all of the house cleaners at EH Clean. Her name is Alexa McAdams and she has been our manager for the past five years. By focusing on training and carefully supervising the work of all of the house cleaners, Alexa makes sure that EH Clean runs like a fine Swiss watch. She stresses things such as punctuality, being detail-oriented and accountability while making customer service more important than anything else, as she manages 30-35 house cleaners on a daily basis at EH Clean.

Finding good house cleaners who are highly-skilled and adept at cleaning homes of all sizes isn’t easy to do, but Alexa is happy with the team she works with at EH Clean. “We have a few people who have worked with the company since it opened 12 years ago,” she said. “When we find good house cleaners, we do everything we can to hold onto them. I train them all, so that they know exactly how we clean and what is expected with every customer. Each situation is different and that’s why we have to be able to adapt with each client.”

Most house cleaners on Alexa’s crew work in 2-person teams and clean clients’ homes every other week. The first time a client is visited by EH Clean, Alexa introduces the house cleaner to the job, outlining all of the requirements and specifics of the scheduled cleaning. “We take them through all of the details with a video call, so that they can clearly understand what we need for each job. As they clean the same house over and over, they get better at it and that is the objective. After a few months, they are working faster and more efficiently, which is the way we like it at EH Clean.”

Alexa knows that when you get your house cleaned by EH Clean, you are getting some of the finest service in the Bay Area, she said. “I have seen these people work under stress and pressure and build great relationships with their customers over time. They know what to do, because they are well-trained, professionals with great attitudes who want to do a superior job with every house they clean.“



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