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Our Rates

EH Clean offers 2 options:

  • Flat rate for BASIC on-going service (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Hourly rate of $50/hr per person

Basic Cleaning:

This will provide you with basic cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, dusting all accessible furniture, empty trash cans, polishing all tops of furniture, changing linens, vacuuming carpets and mopping all floors. This service does NOT include cleaning inside refrigerator or oven, cabinets, baseboards/trim, doors, frames, outdoor furniture or porches, grout whitening, high shelves, silver polishing, laundry services, fireplace inside, garage, waxing, steam mopping or organizing.

bedrooms sq.ft. weekly bi-weekly monthly
1 - 2 up to  1000 sq.ft. $135 $145 $155
2 - 3 up to  1500 sq.ft. $145 $155 $165
3 - 4 up to  2000 sq.ft. $155 $165 $175
4 - 5 up to  2500 sq.ft. $165 $175 $185
4 - 6 up to  3500 sq.ft. $185 $200 $225
5 - 7 up to  5500 sq.ft. $255 $275 $300

Deep Cleaning/First time/Move In & out:

This cleaning is usually done the first time we clean your home, when moving in/out or as needed. We charge $35/hr per person and send you team of 2 people. This cleaning is customized to your needs and budget. We usually clean top to bottom.

bedrooms sq.ft. price
1 - 2 up to  1000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person
2 - 3 up to  2000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person
4 - 6 up to  3000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person

Window Cleaning (inside + screens):

$40/hr per person, we can clean all windows on the inside + screens + window tracks + windowsills + window frames. We do not have tall ladders to clean outside windows on two story homes. We recommend you hiring a window cleaning company for two story homes.

story home sq.ft. price
one up to  1500 sq.ft. $50/hr per person
two up to  2000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person

Commercial/Construction Clean-Up:

$40/hr per person, we clean everything top to bottom including walls and inside windows.

sq.ft. price
up to  1000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person
up to  2000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person
up to  3000 sq.ft. $50/hr per person

Additional Charges:

services price
Laundry (Wash / Dry / Fold) each load $15
Grout whitening $50/hr per person
Silver (Polishing) and Crystal (clean/dry) $50/hr per person
Oven (scrub inside) $50
Double Oven $70
Refrigerator (remove all food inside and deep clean) $50/hr per person
Freezer $50/hr per person
Fireplace (inside) $50
Garage floor (vacuum or sweep) $50/hr per person
Hardwood or Linoleum Floors: Waxing/Stripping $50/hr per person
Steam mopping $50
Organizing $50/hr per person
Sweeping porches $50/hr per person
Cleaning outdoor furniture $50/hr per person
Outdoor Grill/BBQ $50/hr per person
Mini Blinds: damp wipe one by one $50/hr per person
Baseboards, Doors, Frames, Trims (hand wiped) $50/hr per person

Please, make check payable to: EH Clean

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