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I will say that EH Clean has some of the best teams of cleaners ever. If two cleaners are not enough for a big job they bring more till its done. Had a great experience on a move out cleaning in Danville.

Very reputable and fair. I highly recommend.

Laura Rose
Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for Marta and Laura! They are very nice and work well together. I was initially worried because they don't speak English very well, but it's giving me an opportunity to work on my Spanish.

Again... thanks for job well done! Happy holidays!

Lynn G.
Walnut Creek, CA

We had EH Cleaning over today for a heavy cleanning of the house. We had remodeling done and needed a thorough detailed cleaning. We had never used this service before and found it was excellent.

The ladies were very professional, and hard workers. Will recommend them again.

Pleasant Hill, CA

EH Clean exceeded my expectations. They really are VERY DETAIL ORIENTED, and don't cut corners! The teams that came to my house to clean, are very friendly, courteous, trained and really work hard to do the best job!

I can recommend Jana to anyone who has high expectations when it comes to ensuring that their house are clean with quality and definitely high standards!

Dublin, CA

Great Service! Thanks!

Oakland, CA

After using (and being disappointed by) several other well known cleaning services over the last few years, I'm so happy to have found Jana and EH Clean.

The quality of cleaning is great and I like that they can customize a cleaning routine to suit my needs. I'll never use another cleaning service again!

Judy S.
Castro Valley, CA

I have worked with Jana and EH Clean for about 4 months now, every other week, and I now can not imagine living without them! Her team is so detail oriented, sacrificing well beyond planned hours when necessary, never cutting corners on quality and what needs to be done, according to their high standards.

I recommended them to a friend for a one time cleaning and she was extremely pleased as well. They are flexible when unique situations arise for me, and I always know the high quality cleaning I will come home to.

I will definitely be a customer for years to come!

Karla L.
Danville, CA

I have been using EH Clean for only 6 months and I can easily say it was one of the best decisions I have made! The team is professional and trustworthy and our house always looks amazing!

We have a dog that sheds EVERYWHERE, and literally, they manage to get all the dog hair picked up...even off our brown couch, (our dog is white so you can imagine the mess).

I've never been disappointed with the results and will continue to work with Jana and EH Clean!

Wendy P.
Castro Valley, CA

Jana is awesome and will make sure to see to it that everything is perfect. Couldn't be happier with the service and price. They even do that thingy where they fold the end of the toilet paper into a triangle like the nice hotels do...

Jason D.
Walnut Creek, CA

What happened to reliable, high quality, 'do as they say' business these days? Well... I have finally found a cleaning service that I can refer to my most valued clients! Anytime I refer a client to an outside business such as Jana and EH Clean, they are a direct representation of me and what I represent.

In times like these where people can afford to expect the highest quality customer service and products used, I would strongly recommend EH Clean, to any those whom are in need of a trustworthy, hard working residential or commercial cleaning service.

Thank you Jana and EH Clean for once again allowing me to show homes the way they are meant to be shown!

Greg Lomba
Danville, CA

Jana's team did an amazing job on our house! And it was BAD after 8 months of being a new mom, and not having time to clean. But everything was beautiful and sparkling when they left. Jana was knowledgeable on what products to use on the natural stone in the bathroom and our concrete counter tops.

We kept finding little things that they had cleaned that completely exceeded our expectations. I can not recommend them enough!

Renee Plog
Concord, CA

EH Clean did a wonderful job cleaning out our filthy old apartment after 10+ years of living.

Our landlord asked for the contact information they were sooo impressed with the excellent job EH Clean did! Thank you for going the extra mile for us in helping us to receive our FULL DEPOSIT back from our previous landlord!

This company does a great job for a reasonable price.

Amy C.
Concord, CA

Jana's attitude is definately towards customer satisfaction. She displays great care & knowledge in providing more than satisfactory results.

I have no problem at all recommending EH Clean to anyone.

Larry G.
Concord, CA

I have used E H Clean for two years. When I met the owner Jana she was all about my concerns and needs. Her company is very professional, thorough, and cleaned places in my home that I wouldnt have thought of.

They left nothing undone. If there was ever a question about her services she got back to me very quickly, and whatever my concerns were she made sure i was completely satisfied. I'm so glad I found her cleaning service.

I'm very busy and not at home alot and I need to have someone make sure my house is taken care of properly. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Darryl B.
Concord, CA

We have been using EH-Clean for about 2 months now and are very happy with the service we have received. They are friendly, thorough and easy to contact. Jana came by to take a look at our house and discussed our needs with us at that time.

The team she has assigned to clean it do a good job.

Susan B.
Walnut Creek, CA

I just signed up with EH Clean a few weeks ago, and wish I had done it a long time ago! The team who cleans my house is very thorough, professional and pleasant to work with. My kitchen has never been cleaner - they even clean my oven! I couldn't be happier!

Cathy N.
San Ramon, CA

This Company is really as good as it gets. Jana and her team were absolutely refreshing in regard to being Ethical, honest, hardworking, highest quality standards, going beyond the call of duty, thoughtful, great attitude, professional, passionate about their job, which is rare these days, and i could go on and on.

My experience is this, I have had many housekeepers that have come and gone and ultimately have never done more than a mediocre job and left me feeling robbed of my time and money. Jana comes in with her team very organized, listened to my needs and tailored to them perfectly. I did not think this exists anymore in today's society, but it does and this company is The Best.

I trust them, they're friendly to my cats, payed close attention to details and were just so awesome to have in my home cleaning. My house is spotless and the energy in it feels brand new! Absolutely Thank You Jana and EHClean, I am happy our paths have crossed and i will refer you to anyone who wants Excellent Housekeeping care with affordability. Simply Excellent and i mean that! I Highly Recommend EHClean Services for everyone who wants a clean house with Perfection standards and no hassles.

They go beyond the 5 Star Diamond standard!

Chad K.
Oakland, CA

We have used EH Clean now for 7 years. They have always done a great job cleaning our house. They are always very responsive to our needs. When we have a special request we send them email and they get right back to us.

We also like that they use green cleaning supplies. When we walk into the house after they have cleaned it smells so good!! I Love It!!

Tyler B.
Concord, CA

Jana and team have been cleaning my home (1-2 times per month) for 6 years now. Why do I continue to do business with EH Clean. Simple. I have had the same cleaning team for 6 years, they are reliable, know my likes and dislikes, respect my home and pets. EH Clean has never missed an appointment.

For a small business owner, Jana and team exhibit professionalism and pride in their work which is hard to find from a larger, corporate service provider.

Laura H.
Lafayette, CA

I have used many cleaning companies over the past 15 years and am happy to say that I finally found one that is exceptional. After the first time they cleaned my home, it looked like a new home. They know how to address the details and are very meticulous. It is clear that Jana and her crew take pride in there work!

Their fees are very competitive and reasonable, and there work is far better than anything I have experienced. I can't recommend them enough!

Sergio A.
Danville, CA

I have had many housecleaning services since I've moved many times. When I moved to the East Bay, I hired (and fired) two different cleaning services before I found EH Clean. EH Clean is a superlative and professional housecleaning service. What makes EH Clean different from everyone else is the attention to detail AND the consistent focus on quality AND most of all, Jana. EH Clean is run by Jana, who personally oversees everything and everyone.

She came to my home and met with me to find out the particular details that I need. The first time a cleaning team comes, either she or her assistant, Maudaly, comes to oversee the cleaning team. Examples of the excellence she demands and expects:

  1. The cleaning team follow a typed step-by-step guide, which includes instructions such as being sure to take the trash cans out of the cabinet to wipe underneath them, the order in which to apply different products to clean a shower, etc (I scanned through the sheets and realized why my house never looks that clean when I try to do it...)
  2. Jana walked over to a pail of dirty soapy water and stuck a finger in it and then instructed the team that they should have been using hotter water,
  3. Jana inspected the house and noted stains that I never noticed. The team stayed 45 minutes longer than usual to clean everything to her specifications.
  4. Once, my team got caught up at another house and I came home to find Jana personally cleaning my home in order to make sure that my house was cleaned on time.

Then she actually polished the paper towel dispenser, all the while pointing out to the team the details that she expected to be done each time. What impresses me especially about EH Clean is their responsiveness and outstanding communication. While other cleaning services may also have attention to detail (albeit I can't imagine one that is as detailed as EH Clean), what distinguishes a stellar company is how they handle complaints.

Once, a different team came to my house and missed a few small details (and truly, they were minor details). I emailed Jana. The next business day, I received a phone call to find out what was missed. I had an especially busy work week and was not able to return the call. So then I received an email from Jana apologizing for missing details and asking for specifics so they could be fixed. The next cleaning day, Maudaly herself was cleaning alongside the team. When I said to her that I didn't mean to make a big deal of such little details, Maudaly said to me with genuine warmth, that it was important to them to make sure to keep up the quality. And there you have it.

An exceptional cleaning company with an exceptional eye for details and exceptional leadership that will work with you and will constantly strive for quality

Walnut Creek, CA

I have been using EH Clean for the past 18 months or so. I am completely satisfied with Jana's excellent team. The women who come to my home are polite and work very hard.

My husband is always amazed how things sparkle when they've finished. If there are delays, Jana or her team apprise us - we never have been left waiting without word.

I have no complaints - only praise and thanks to find such excellent cleaning service for my home. thanks.

Linda J.
Danville, CA

About two months ago we hired EH Clean based on the Yelp reviews, and have been extremely happy with the experience/results so far. Jana and Maudalay have been extremely responsive to us (usually via email, which I prefer) and our scheduling needs (which have changed often).

The cleaners have done an excellent job every time they have cleaned our home. They are polite, friendly, very thorough in their cleaning, and responsive to any special cleaning requests we have had.

I highly recommend them.

Todd B.
Walnut Creek, CA

Over the past 10 years I have used many services for house cleaning and commercial cleaning. About 6 years ago I was referred to Jana from EH Cleaning and have never used anyone since. Jana's attention to detail and performance has turned me into a lifelong client. Her staff is, on time, very professional, and does a great job at a very fair price.

I highly recommend their services, they are the best!

Glenn S.
Walnut Creek, CA

Professional and eco-friendly... We have been using EH Clean (European Housecleaning) for the past 11 years. Jana and her girls has always done an excellent job. I have found them to be very efficient and professional. They are dependable and will even do extra things without being asked. It's so nice to come home after they just cleaned... not only is the house immaculately clean, but it also smells clean. They pay attention to details and go extra mile if something needs more scrubbing (grout lines, tiles, corners, windowsills, blinds... etc.) She has 3 levels which is very convenient for me.

We do BASIC cleaning every other week and DEEP cleaning every 6 months to keep up with areas that are not normally included in Basic cleaning package. We add ADVANCED cleaning here and there in between if we have company or party at our house. Her prices are very reasonable. She charges $25 per hour per person. I have never had anything broken or stolen. They always came the selected day and are always on time. If I need to reschedule Jana always accommodates my schedule. She is easy to get a hold of. I feel like she truly cares about her customers, her helpers and work she does. It is rare to find people like that these days.

I'm very happy I found EH Clean. PS. Just an add... they even polished my old harwood floors yesterday and they look brand new again... WOW! Thank you Jana and staff!

Terri S.
San Ramon, CA

I have been using EH Clean for the past five years and there is nothing more that I can count on every other week then the job they do. They come in and do a spectacular job leaving me with the feeling of one less thing I need to do and how I can enjoy my home and weekend time. There has never been anything missing, broken or that would make me even question.

They leave notes when supplies or low or there is a question. I have used several other companies and they always left me thinking that they could do a better job or with a bit of regret. That has never ever been the case with EH.

I could not recommend them higher!

David P.
Walnut Creek, CA

They cleaned my house yesterday for the first time (my previous cleaners for many years moved away) and they were great! Lots of attention to detail.

I was very pleased. Worth the price!

Barbara H.
Pleasant Hill, CA

I have never written a review here, but EH did such an amazing job cleaning my house that I had to post. My house hasn't been this clean since we moved in!

Wendy G.
Lafayette, CA

If you are considering help with housekeeping you should definitely give Jana a call! We have been using her service for over 6 years. We have had the same team of 2 cleaners for close to 2 years now, which I think is very important. Jana is responsive to requests and goes out of her way to be flexible. Our cleaners are polite and work very, very hard; they take pride in their work.

I have very high standards for housekeeping and I'm rarely disappointed. Jana is a professional and puts a great deal of energy into training her employees. You won't be disappointed with the results!

J. S.
Diablo, CA

I love coming home to a clean house! A team of two ladies comes twice a month. They do an excellent job and will modify their routine to suit your needs.

I highly recommend them! I can't imagine life before Jana and her cleaning crew. Thank you!

Sarah D.
Pleasant Hill, CA

EH Clean is a great honest company. They have been cleaning my house for about 10 months now and I LOVE them. I have used other companies in the past and things did not work out at all esp one that is on Yelp now, which I will write a review on them too.

The EH cleaners are very attention to detail and I never have to tell them to clean things twice. Jana is very professional and has a great team.

I would highly recommend them. Thanks Jana

Robanne O.
Concord, CA

EH Clean has cleaned our home virtually every week for over TEN years. Obviously, we are extremely pleased with the service. Jana, the owner, is very conscientious and customer-oriented, and she has instilled that attitude in her cleaning teams. The cleaning is thorough; everything shines when they are done.

They are the BEST we have ever had!

Gail K.
San Ramon, CA

We have used EH Clean for several years now. Jana assigns a team to your home. They do a wonderful job. We have never had anything broken or missing--these are very reliable women. Jana is available by email if you have any special requests or concerns.

If you hire an individual housekeeper and she is ill or has childcare problems, you're sunk. But with EH Clean, Jana assures that your home is cleaned on schedule, so you don't have to worry about it.

We are very happy with them!

Joanna S.
Walnut Creek, CA

I have been using the services of EH CLEAN for 3 years, and I can tell you, in my years of having cleaning services coming to my home, EH CLEAN is by far the best, starting by the owner (JANA), who is super nice and treats you with the BEST customer service possible, then by her teams, they are super polite and hard working, very detail orinted and everything with them is perfection, I am a very picky customer and this company definitely exceeds my expectations.

The prices are very affordable, the schedules very flexible. So if you are looking for a company of excellence and detail oriented I highly recommend EH CLEAN I will be using their service indefinitely!!

San Ramon, CA

After several years of cycling through different cleaning services, I can finally say we've found the best in EH Clean!

  1. The cleaning services top notch. Every square inch of my house is clean and fresh after they leave. No easy feat since we have an active family of three kids and a cat to dirty it up!
  2. Jana and her team are friendly, professional and genuinely want to exceed expectations. They ask for feedback every time they clean (if I'm home) and Jana follows up regularly to check in and make sure we're happy.
  3. Jana is very responsive and accomodating when it comes to arranging special services, rescheduling appointments, etc.

Whatever a customer needs, it seems they find a way to get it done.

Lisa R.
Orinda, CA

Great service. Jana is very professional and returns calls very quickly. Work was completed on time and great prices as well.

Can't reccomend them more highly!

Keith B.
Danville, CA

Jana and her team are the BEST! We just finished with some major remodels and it seemed like our whole house was caked in sawdust! I didn't know how we were going to get everything clean. We contacted EH Clean and with very little notice they were able to send a team of the most talented cleaners I've ever seen. Their team cleaned our house so well that it looks better than new! Seriously, it has never been this clean!

They exceeded my wildest expectations, so I immediately signed up for monthly service. Jana was super professional and showed me her license, bonds and menu of services. Jana is great and I really appreciate that I can contact her via email too. Now, I look forward to the day they clean with such excitement, it's like Christmas! After they clean I feel like I live in a model home.

Thanks EH Clean! I'm so glad I found you guys!

Laura R.
Danville, CA

My house absolutely sparkles after EH clean comes. They get the whole house clean; they get all the extra details. They have been coming to my house for over a year. They have never missed an appointment (even new year's day) If they find money they leave it out. The staff is very friendly. I just can't put into words how clean they get my house.

Thank you to EH clean!

Mari C.
Oakland, CA

I've used EH Clean periodically the past couple years and my cleanings have been very thorough. They have great service and the owner is hot.

Kris D.
San Ramon, CA

What a dream to come home to a sparkling clean house!

Thanks Jana and staff!

Carol C.
Berkeley, CA

I've been a customer of EH Cleaning for about 6 weeks now, and I have to say, I'm exceptionally happy with how things have turned out. The most appropriate word I can use to describe Jana and her team is "professional." The initial interview went something like this: Jana and I arranged to meet at my apartment.

She looked through the place, asked what I'd like done, and then proposed a series of options. The option she suggested actually came out to be less expensive and resulted in more frequent cleanings than my original idea -- what's not to like about that?! She then presented me with a very clear shopping list. It had full-color photos of all the products that I would need to stock, along with instructions about where to buy them and whether any substitutions were acceptable. She also brought all of her business licenses as well as a list of references that she suggested I call.

The transaction was simple, straightforward, hassle-free, and there were no surprises. As a busy professional, this is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Now, every other week, I leave money on my table before I go to work, and when I show up, the apartment is spotless and smells great. Her team has excellent attention to detail and is very, very thorough.

My suggestion to the rest of you: if you want your place clean and you don't want to have to think about it, this company is the way to go. I am exceptionally satisfied not only with the service, but also with the highly professional nature that Jana displayed when we first met to discuss my apartment. 5 stars, no doubt about it.

Aaron L.
Walnut Creek, CA

We have been using EH Clean for a couple of weeks wow almost months now and we are incredibly happy with the work. They are very detailed and friendly and do a great job. We had an issue with our shower and mildew that they took care of right away. Any issues I had Jana herself personally handled. Great job!

Amanda B.
Concord, CA

I hired EH Clean based on the reviews on Yelp and Angie's List. Never having a house cleaner before I am not able to compare this experience with any other. When I first met Jana to see if I was going to hire her I was impressed with her professionalism. She got a tour of my house, gave me a packet with more details of how the cleaning worked, and a copy of her license and bonding.

Out first cleaning was deep clean. There were 2 women working for about 6 hours. Both of them were so hard working, hit the ground running, and never stopped. They were also very nice individuals, people I liked having in my house. They spoke English very well. Not something I considered an important quality until it was listed as a feature on Jana's promotional materials.

On their second visit the women said we were not that messy and may want to consider a less expensive option with Jana. I appreciated their honesty. I find their cleaning thorough. If they miss a spot I point it out and the next time is it clean without me even saying anything. For example, I have a large cat tree and they did not think to vacuum the cat hair and nails off it. I pointed it out once, the cleaned it before they left, and the next visit it was perfect.

The most important feature of EH Clean is the people they sent me. I don't want someone in my house that I can't communicate with or don't like. Jana's must be in hiring good talent know how to clean, can stay on task, and who are likable. They are on time and i have found Jana to be very quick to email me or call me. Scheduling appts has been easy too and she has been willing to work with my crazy schedule.

Jennifer S.
Berkeley, CA

A year and a half ago I moved into a new house with 2500 sq ft of wood floors. EH Clean has been my cleaners since the day BEFORE I moved in! My floors sparkle after they're done and the house feels as fresh as it did the day I moved in!

EH Clean is both a timely and professional company that often goes above and beyond the scope of a normal cleaning. Examples of this superior service are cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, dismantling the open flame grill on my Thermador range to clean the drip pan and coating my bathroom floors with a protective sealant that virtually removed some stone etching that was there when I bought the home.

I highly recommend EH Clean for residential cleaning!

John K
Walnut Creek, CA

I've known Jana for the past 5 years and her company EH Clean does a phenomenal job cleaning our 2nd home.

Some things that I like:

  1. They really pay attention to all of the little details, without any special requests from me
  2. They used our milder, "green" cleaning products (Dr Bronners, and other evo options) as much as possible, and use standard cleaning chemicals on harder to clean areas. The main point is to have a clean house, so I think this is a great approach.
  3. Totally trustworthy. This is hugely important when you let someone into your home, and I can tell you that I have 100% trust in EH clean after 5 years.

I really recommend their services.

Oren B.
Philadelphia, PA

This agency has been both professional and thorough, while offering an competitive price for me and my husband. I couldn't be more pleased with service I have received for my rental home. They catered their service directly to what I needed and were adaptable to the time frame as well.

They offer reliable e-mail communications, which is also more convenient for me personally. Highly recommend! Sign up for one of their promotions today if they are still available.

Teresa S.
Rocklin, CA

Great service. Jana is very professional and returns calls very quickly. Work was completed on time and great prices as well.

Can't reccomend them more highly.

Keith B.
Danville, CA

I have been using EH Clean for MANY years now. Jana and her teams are as EXCELLENT as they come. I consider myself a very picky, detailed and organized person/household.

EH Clean far supersedes my expectations with their work quality every time, consistently. Jana is a very hard worker and a "hands-on" leader within her company. My schedule was all over the board with holiday company and personal work and found her to be extremely accommodating. She is the absolute best for those of us who like things "just so".

I highly recommend and will continue to use her company indefinitely. I love her saying that she doesn't cut corners she cleans them... -A very HAPPY and CLEAN household :)

Barbie B.
Walnut Creek, CA